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Earn 8 ZILs for every 1000 Consult tokens, every 30 days (6% APR – approx). Self custody – tokens do not leave your wallet
CONSULT token swap is live on ZilSwap
Check out the CONSULT token live price chart on ZilStream
Stay tuned for updates on projects, initiatives and solution showcases. Coming soon in a few weeks!
NFT Turnkey Development
Co-create a custom NFT Marketplace with BlastAsia at record speed & high quality using the Xamun Development Automation Suite
About Consult Crypto
Consult Crypto is a one-stop service that provides Blockchain and Crypto consulting (DeFi projects, Token Launch, NFT projects, Security Tokenization, Tokenomics, Cross-Chain Swap – to name a few). We offer consultation for a fee and also provide custom software development services for these projects – from start to finish. The goal is to provide a comprehensive delivery platform for blockchain and crypto projects
CONSULT coin is the currency of the Consult Crypto platform. Consult Crypto’s services are paid for in CONSULT coin.
Our Token
What is CONSULT Coin?
CONSULT Coin is a token, based on the Zilliqa blockchain technology. It is the currency of the Consult Crypto platform.
Capped Circulation – no more Minting

1,826,208 CONSULT coins in circulation now (no more minting in the lifetime of the project). No introduction of coins in market later from a development wallet, founder’s wallet etc.

Number of tokens in circulation will go down over time due to burning (see whitepaper). No dilution of value – ever


Token value is designed to be robust.

Fixed amount purchased from open market every month (1% of token sales):

  • 70% of the tokens purchased will be burnt
  • 30% will be added back to the liquidity pool with matching value

Note: This will be for 3 years from token launch

Token Adds Value from Consulting Fees

The CONSULT coins earned by the consulting services shall be used as follows:

  • 80% will be burnt.
  • 20% will be sold on the open market to pay for ongoing project development/maintenance costs.

Note: This will be for 3 years from token launch

Value at Project Termination (after 3 Years)

After three years, the Consult Crypto team will offer immediate liquidity at:

1 CONSULT coin = 24 cents USD

It does not mean that after 3 years the market (ZilSwap) price of the token will not be less than or more than 24 cents – it could be anything. The aim is to put a floor (minimum value) to the price, not to restrict with a ceiling

The Key Points
Fixed Circulation

Maximum 21.6 million CONSULT coins will be ever minted and circulated.

Value Appreciation

CONSULT coin value keeps increasing – by regular coin burn and by adding liquidity

Staking – Earn ZILs

Stake and earn rewards in ZILs. 8 ZILs per 1000 CONSULT coins staked for 30 days

Consult Token Roadmap

August 2021 – Token Launch
CONSULT token concept finalized and launched
Nov 2021 – Staking Launched
Staking live for CONSULT token. 8 ZILs per 1000 CONSULT coins staked for 30 days. Unstaking allowed any time, immediately (at pro-rated)
Sep 2021 to Aug 2024 (Burn and Add Liquidity)
Every month: 1% of token sales amount invested to purchase CONSULT coin from the open market.

(i) Burn 70% of the purchased tokens

(ii) 30% add back to open market with matching liquidity
Sep 2021 to Aug 2024 (Burn from tokens earned)
(i) Burn 80% of the earned tokens

(ii) 20% used for ongoing costs
SEP 2024 and Beyond
After 3 years, the Consult Crypto team will offer immediate liquidity at 1 CONSULT coin = 24 cents USD
Meet our Contributors
Kiran Addepalli
Kiran Addepalli

Kiran Addepalli, CEO of CyberCodee, LLC is a seasoned technologist in Financial, Insurance and Retail industries.
He is a security and payment solutions expert and has developed several solutions ranging from IAM solutions, Budget and Forecasting solutions.
Kiran is passionate about bringing Identity and Compliance to DEFI in general, Lending and Borrowing and NFTs.
He also co-chairs the technology specification for cross-chain Global Digital Identities as part of ADI Association.

Key Partners
Guarantee of the Project’s Success
Avik Das
CTO, DCPL Technologies

CTO of DCPL Technologies, Kolkata, India. Operating since 2009, DCPL is a software development house focusing on business critical web, mobile and crypto applications. DCPL team has delivered (and currently working on) the UFFS and the Hg Exchange applications.

Arup Maity
CEO, BlastAsia

CEO of Blast Asia, Manila, Phillipines. Headquartered in the Philippines and founded in 2001, BlastAsia has 20year+ experience of global product engineering across the world. Powered by Catalyst Suite, cutting down go to market by 40% percent.