Staking is live now! on Consult Staking
Earn 8 ZILs for every 1000 Consult tokens, every 30 days (6% APR – approx). Self custody – tokens do not leave your wallet
CONSULT token swap is live on ZilSwap
Check out the CONSULT token live price chart on ZilStream
Stay tuned for updates on projects, initiatives and solution showcases. Coming soon in a few weeks!
About Consult Crypto
Consult Crypto is a one-stop service that provides Blockchain and Crypto consulting (DeFi projects, Token Launch, NFT projects, Security Tokenization, Tokenomics, Cross-Chain Swap – to name a few). We offer consultation for a fee and also provide custom software development services for these projects – from start to finish. The goal is to provide a comprehensive delivery platform for blockchain and crypto projects
CONSULT coin is the currency of the Consult Crypto platform. Consult Crypto’s services are paid for in CONSULT coin.
Our Token
What is CONSULT Coin?
CONSULT Coin is a token, based on the Zilliqa blockchain technology. It is the currency of the Consult Crypto platform.
The Key Points
Fixed Circulation

Maximum 21.6 million CONSULT coins will be ever minted and circulated.

Staking – Earn ZILs

Stake and earn rewards in ZILs. 8 ZILs per 1000 CONSULT coins staked for 30 days